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My name is Jeanette Hayworth and I am pleased you are here. Below, you will see a list of recent articles on the topic of Lyoness. Is the company a scam or not? I am not a Lyoness member or defender. I simply want to bring out the facts. Please read on and make your own decision.

Recent Entries

  • Clement Burge and L’Hebdo Threaten to Sue Jeanette Hayworth!

    L'Hebdo Switzerland

    Dear Readers. Earlier in the month, I received the following email. Dear Mrs Hayworth, I contact you regarding a post on your blog called “Lyoness, or easy money L’Hebdo Switzerland, 15 Feb, by Clement Burge”. This refers to an article I wrote in L’Hebdo. I am asking you to delete your post of your website, […]

  • Lyoness, or Easy Money L’Hebdo / Switzerland, 16 feb. 2012, by Clement Bürge

    Clément Bürge, Journaliste

    Let us dissect what I fondly call an “assassination piece”. To begin, please read the translation > Lyoness arnaque ou pas ? I do not speak the French language, so am assuming the translation is accurate. Here’s the original > Lyoness ou l’argent facile Here We Go, Blow by Blow! Now, let us break down section by […]